Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give free quotes / estimates? Do I need an appointment?

Quotes & Estimates are always free! And you do not need an appointment to have us take a look at your vehicle; especially if your concerns are safety-related. We are only able to quote a repair for damage we can see at the time of inspection; and we would ask that if you have more questions regarding your insurance company or claim that you call to inform us when you will be arriving at the shop.

Does Brock's Collision Center work with my insurance company?

We have always worked with every insurance company! We pride ourselves on being an independent repair facility & we refuse to become a Direct Repair Partner (DRP) shop for any insurance company. Creating an agreement between ourselves and an insurance company would compromise our ability to fully represent your best interests. But don't worry, your insurance company is obligated by Rhode Island law to conduct business with a licensed Auto Body Shop of your choosing. (R.I.G.L. §27-29-4(15)

I was told to go to a specific shop or rental car facility. Why? Can you still repair my car?

Any insurance company, whether it is yours or someone else's, is obligated by Rhode Island law to conduct business with a licensed Auto Body Shop of your choosing. R.I.G.L. §27-29-4(15)

Your insurance representative may not be from Rhode Island or familiar with Rhode Island law. Our Auto Body legislation is much more structured than other states. Feel free to inform them that you have the right to choose, or direct them to our phone (401-738-3440) and we will be happy to bring them up to speed!

I want to change the color of my car, give it a full paint job, or totally restore it back to showroom quality. How much does that cost and how long does it take?

Insurance Claims & Collision Repair in general are the primary focal points of our services because we are often allotted finite amounts of time by the insurance company to reasonably perform a quality repair.

We do take in restoration work & full paint jobs or color-changes and we have created a waiting list for these vehicles in order to best maintain our daily operation simultaneously. The waiting list is currently booked until the end of 2022, unfortunately.

We maintain a strict "showroom quality only" policy with these repairs and we will not perform any amount of paint work, large or small, that does not meet or exceed our standards of quality.

Our rate for a full paint job with minimal invasive paint work & incidental necessities begins around $6,000, but is typically in excess of $10,000. The process is performed over the course of six months to one year, and a deposit is required to hold a spot on our waiting list!

What if I don't have the right insurance? Can I pay out-of-pocket?

You can always pay out of pocket, and we will do our absolute best to afford you a competitive price. We can not compromise the integrity of your vehicle, your safety, or the quality of our repair to save money, however. There are often options available which can greatly ease costs or spread them out over time, but paint is often one of the largest & most unexpected expenses in a repair. We're always happy to discuss all of your options with you!

Are there any services you don't provide?

Yes; we've listed them for your convenience:

  • We avoid performing "patch" or "partial" repairs of rust/rot; our recommendation is to replace the affected panel in almost any circumstance.

  • We will not paint a panel that has not been properly sanded & prepared

  • We do not perform major engine or transmission work involving removal & machining or rebuilding of mechanical components

  • We do not perform major computer electrical, or diagnostic work outside of body-related functionality such as sensors, switches, latches, cables, & visible moving components.